Zhone Z-Edge


pwr / diag / operational / WAN / line 1 / line 2 / line 3 / line 4

After you powercycle it, when it's booting up, first power(left) comes on, then all lights go on(8 lights), then last 4 go out (LAN lights), then second light (orange Diag light) comes on; it may turn green or it may just stay orange, it makes no difference. Then they all go on again, last 4 go off except maybe one of them(if they have a phone plugged into it) and diag light goes off.

So once the Diag light is off and the other lights are on, it's ready to go. This will take a long time -- plan on it taking about 10 minutes after a powercycle before it's ready again.

Set-up Procedure:

Don't try it. To quote Jeremy: "there is no web console, it's all command line, and it's very ugly".

Miscellaneous Marginally Useful Facts

If the customer is using this modem you can be sure they are on SHDSL and bridged. We were never able to get these modems to work on PPPoA reliably, so they are all set up as bridged.

Manufactured by Zhone

This modem takes about 10 minutes to come back online after a powercycle. Really. It takes a long time! You probably don't want to wait on the line the whole time; just tell the customer to give it 10 or 15 minutes, try it again, then call back if it doesn't work.

There's only one LAN port on these. The four ports labeled lines 1, 2, 3, and 4 are for plain old telephone service. They're like the "phone" port on the Actiontec, only there are 4 of them.

The power cord has a transformer halfway up the cord, similar to many laptop power supplies.


Quick Setup Guide for the Zhone Z-Edge 64 (which is the only Zhone we use for CPEs as far as I know)
The User Manual for the Zhone Z-Edge 64

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