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In short, they should all be on solid or on flickering except Status which should be off.

Set-up Procedure:

web interface:
user name: admin
password: zoomadsl
After that, it's pretty straight-forward. Just stick all the right stuff into the Basic Setup screen, click Save Changes, then click "Write Settings to Flash".

Note! Sometimes when you try to save changes or try writing to flash, it brings you to the System Log page, saying something about something being locked so it couldn't perform the action. So basically it won't work. What a pain! If that happens, it's easy to fix it. Restart the computer and factory reset the modem (click reset three times, see below). Then try logging in again. The Zoom should be back on the right track again now. By the way, this is sometimes caused because the X6 doesn't like being configured with Apple's Safari browser, so if the customer is using a Macintosh, have them use a different browser to configure the Zoom (this is just to configure the Zoom; once it's set up Safari will work just fine for browsing). They will almost always have at least one alternative installed, like Internet Explorer (which should be in the Applications folder) or Firefox.

Note! To factory-reset the modem, don't do the normal thing of holding reset down for ten seconds. Instead, leaving the modem on and plugged in, insert a paper clip into the Reset pinhole in the modemís back panel and press it three or four times (right in a row, like click-click-click-click).


The User Manual for the X6

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