Zoom X5 5554A with the green lights

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All Lights are pretty much green regardless (no color changes), except that Power will come on red if a wrong power supply is plugged in. Link indicates train (sync) status -- slow blink=untrained, faster blink=final stages of training (authentication, etc), solid=trained.

When USB and ADSL blink in tandem in a steady, fairly fast beat, it may mean the Zoom has gone bad. First try powercycling for ten minutes (leave it unplugged for ten minutes) and see if the steady blinking will stop after that. You could try factory resetting also. Maybe drop the link speed of the customer's network card down to 10Mbps. If nothing works, the Zoom will need to be replaced.

Set-up Procedure:

web interface:
user name: admin
password: zoomadsl
Beyond that, it's pretty straight-forward to set these up. On the Basic Setup page select "Manually". Then put in the right stuff, click Save Changes, then click Write Settings to Flash.


The User Manual for the Zoom 5554A

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