Advanced Setup

Connection Status:

Qwest DSL:
1536 / 896 Kbps

ISP Status:

Wireless Setup
Basic Settings

If you want to setup a wireless network, we recommend that you do the following:
1. Turn Wireless ON
Wireless:   On  Off 
2. Change the ESSID setting to any name or code you want.
(ESSID is the same thing as the name of your Wireless Network.)
3. Secure your wireless network by clicking on the button next to 128-BIT WEP.
(We recommend using WEP because it encrypts your wireless traffic.)
128-BIT WEP  Off 
4. Select a WEP Key

NOTE: To create a WEP Key, you need to enter a combination of 26 digits. You can choose any letter from A-F or any number from 0-9.

Sample WEP Key: 3D44FE6CA1EF2ED3C421745DB1

128-bit WEP Key 26 Digits left
5. Write down wireless settings.
In order for every computer to connect to this High Speed Internet DSL Modem wirelessly, you need to make sure that the wireless setup for each computer uses the SAME settings listed below. Please make sure that you write down all of the values set on this screen.
Wireless: OFF
128-BIT WEP: