Click here to enter the Paradyne.


Power | Status | Activity | LAN | USB

Notes: Again, if it's not syncing, Status and Activity lights will just stay off. Normally Activity and LAN are going to be flashing back and forth quite a lot, which indicates traffic. Status should just stay on solid (no flickering or flashing). The power cord has a transformer halfway up the cord, similar to many laptop power supplies.

Set-up Procedure:

You can click here to open the Paradyne emulator in a new window so you can follow along with these instuctions and see what the customer is seeing.
  1. To log in to web interface:
    u/n: admin
    p/w: admin
    Since NAT is off by default, you may need to manually program an IP address into the Local Area Connection on the correct subnet, for instance should work.

  2. Once into the interface, click Advanced Setup in the menu on the left side.
  3. Click WAN
  4. Remove the connection ("WAN Setup") if there is one. There's buttons "Add" "Edit" and "Remove". You check-mark the existing connection and click Remove.
  5. Then add a connection by clicking Add.
  6. ATM PVC Configuration: default is 0/35 so change to 0/32 (ADSL 2+ is always supposed to be 0/32), UBR without PCR, leave QoS unchecked, Next.
  7. PPP over ATM, Encapsulation mode: vcMux, Next.
  8. PPP user name and password, Authentication auto. No for everything else on this page (Dial-on-demand off, PPP IP extensions: disabled) Next
  9. Network Address translation: Enable NAT. It is off by default, so TURN IT ON by check-marking it. Enable IGMP multi-cast is off by default, leave it off. Enable WAN services is on by default, leave it on. Next
  10. Service Summary, click Save. Takes you back to main WAN setup page. Click Finish. Now it should say "Router is configured and is rebooting". (Or, it may take to a page with IP addresses. Leave this all how it is: and Next Save and Reboot)

If it's not syncing, status and activity lights will just stay off. In that case, make sure everything is filtered, make sure nothing has changed on their phone system, etc., just like you would for normal DSL. If it hasn't, you'll have to reassign to the DSL department.

Miscellaneous Marginally Useful Facts:

Manufactured by Zhone
They'll need Javascript enabled on their browser (it normally is enabled) for the menu on the left to work.
At Visionary we give out this modem exclusively to customers who have ADSL2+. So if they have a Paradyne, you know they have ADSL2+. This modem actually is compatible (will work) with regular ADSL also, but we just use it for 2+.


The User Manual for the Paradyne
Quick Setup Sheet for the Paradyne

High Resolution Picture of the Paradyne