D-Link  Typical info -- LAN address:, username: admin, password: blank. Probably the second-most common brand of router behind Linksys. D-Link's web site is great because it has emulators of many of their most common routers. See this for example.
Netgear   We sell Netgear routers, switches, and wireless cards. We have sold Netgear DSL modems in the past.

DSL Modems

ENDSL-A2+WIG  Oh me oh me oh my
2Wire 2700HG-D  Qwest just started using this modem (2006), so we may run into people who have it. Screenshot emulator courtesy of Cory.
Cisco 675 and 678
Cisco Soho
DrayTek  Placeholder
Efficient Speedstream
Encore  Our new main one-port modem.
Flowpoint 2200  Placeholder. This modem is used a lot by our Bridgeband customers up in Montana.
G.SHDSL modem
Hawking DSL Modem
Net To Net
US Router   Some demo modem we got one day.
Zhone Z-Edge  Another modem we use for SHDSL.
Zoom X4
More Zooms   There's a bunch of Zooms in this great big world. Here's some that are out there but that we at Visionary don't run across too often.