Pretty useful.

   Cory's Jumpinbean Site Including DSL Wizard, Wireless Wizard, Wireless IP info, and other helpful things.

   Nagios Tells of any outages, and now it even tells you who's on call.

   Nagios Status Map Just the map, so it automatically scales to fit in your browser window.

   Visionary Sites: Homepage, Login Page, Knowledgebase (Read it! If you don't know something, it's probably in there!), Speed Test Log, A Bunch of Geeks (see if a phone number qualifies for DSL when customer service isn't in), and Mammoth Partners.


Here's a lot of my bookmarks that maybe you can use.

• Knowledge
• Support
• Jumpinbean
• ScreenShots
• Speed Test Results Log
• KB Internal This is mostly useless and is not really used any more.
• Lore Log in to add or modify knowledgebase articles.
• DSL Wizard
• Wireless Wizard
• Geeks
• QHost
• Qwest dialup numbers and mail servers
• Nagios
• Nagios statusmap.cgi
• vcnBB
• GlobalPOP
• A Bunch of Geeks
• Ruthenium For spam
• Mammoth Contacts
• Mammoth Partners

• Eudora 3 Config
• IncrediMail Help Page
• Entourage Setup-Mac OS X
• Inside Outlook Express - Frequently Asked "Why..."
• Plain text e-mail (Thunderbird) - MozillaZine Know

DSL Modems
• Zoom X5 5554 User Manual
• Zoom 5554 User Manual Online
• Actiontec 1520 User Manual
• Westell Support for A90-240010-04
• Netopia
• Other(ViDSL)-Cisco, Speedstream, Net to Net
• Zoom
• Actiontec GT701-WG Screenshots
• Qwest DSL Modem Support
• D-Link Emulator (D-link's page is good for this)
• 2700HG-D
• The DSL Mechanic Help Page Has info for Efficient, Netopia, 2Wire, Alcatel, Westell, and Siemens modems.

Spyware, Viri, and Other Bad Stuff
• Rogue Anti-Spyware List of bad software posing as antispyware programs.
• Spyware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
• Who Profits from Security Holes?
• How to Remove WeatherBug
• Computer Associates Spyware Information Center
• Spyware Center -
• parasite
• Lavasoft
• SimplyTech
• - Trojan-Spy.HTML.Smitfraud.c
• Geeks To Go -> You Must Read This Before Posting A
• About:Buster Version 5

• Mac Mail 4 Screenshots
• A History of Apple's Operating Systems
• Mac Apps
• OS X Apps
• Airport
• Mac Howie Cruise

Sites That the Customer Service Dept. Uses:
• Mapquest
• A Bunch of Geeks
• Dex Online
• Switchboard directory
• IMA - qualifying phone numbers and addresses
• MegaOrder - qualifying phone numbers
• LineDoctor - qualifying phone numbers and addresses

Other Knowledgebases
• Knowledgebase
• Another ISP guide
• Yet Another Knowledge Base
• PC Clinic's common computer questions
• Operating System Information - OIT Help Desk
• Help -- Top Support FAQs
• Linux Dialup Howto
• Linux Dialup HOWTO

More Sites, Maybe Useful, Maybe Not
• Default Logins and Passwords for a lot of Routers
• Screenshots
• Screnshots
• Init Strings & Extra Settings
• 56k Modem Troubleshooting
• Modem troubleshooting
• Has old versions of many programs, which is very useful, since sometimes newer versions may not be compatible with the user's computer.
• Tessco Solar & Wind Power Products We use these for our towers.
• Router Lights
• HTML Character Codes
• RJ-45 Cables
• the 5-in-1 network admin's cable