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If you have problems with your broadband connection, please check the following:

Step 1: Please ensure that the "DSL" link light on your DSL Modem is illuminated. If the "DSL" link light on your DSL Modem is NOT illuminated or you see that the "DSL" link light is continually flashing, check that you have properly connected your DSL cable and phone filters. If you are still having trouble, please refer to your user manual found on your installation CD in the "Documents" folder or contact your Technical Support Representative for further assistance.

Step 2: Please verify that your "Internet" link light is illuminated. If the "Internet" link light is not illuminated, verify the connection status by clicking on the Status Link. If your connection status shows "Connecting" or "Disconnected", please ensure that you have input the proper setup information provided by your ISP. If you do not have this information please contact your ISP.

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