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Power (orange), DSL-LINK, DSL-ACT, L1, L2, L3, L4.

DSL-LINK light indicates training status, with blinking meaning it's not synced. Once DSL-LINK is on solid, DSL-ACT will indicate activity (until then it just stays off, of course).

Set-up Procedure:

web interface:
user name and password: none

It's bridged by default, so if you need to configure it, you'll have to first set a static IP on the computer to, then open a browser and go to

Miscellaneous Marginally Useful Facts:

This is an SHDSL modem that we use. Although the brand is not printed anywhere on the box, it was/is made by TurboComm. If you look on the bottom it tells you the model: EA725. Turbocomm's web site is down, so they may be out of business, but click here to see what their site used to say about this modem.

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