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All lights are pretty much green regardless -- no color changes. Perhaps Power would be red if you plugged in a wrong power supply, but I don't know. Internet light indicates train status -- blinking in slow steady beat means untrained, on steadily means trained, randomly flickering indicates it's passing traffic.

From the manual:

Power Light - The Power light displays the Gateway’s current status. If the Power light glows steadily green, the Gateway is receiving power and fully operational. When the Power light is rapidly flashing, the Gateway is initializing. If the Power light is not illuminated and the power cord is definitely plugged in solidly and correctly to a live power outlet, the Gateway has suffered a critical error.
Internet Light - When the Internet light glows steadily, the Gateway is connected to the DSL provider.When it flashes, data is being send via the WAN port.
Wireless Light - When the Wireless light glows steadily, the Gateway is ready for wireless networking. You've got to buy and plug in a card to the side of the modem, and set it up, for this to work.
Ethernet Network Light - The Ethernet Network lights glow when a network link is established with a computer. A flashing light signifies network traffic across the specific Ethernet connection.
Reset Switch - Depressing the reset switch for one or two seconds will power cycle the Actiontec (similar to unplugging and then plugging in the Actiontec’s power cord) (Don't have the customer do this, it's just so you know why they need to hold it in for long enough). To restore the Gateway’s factory default settings, depress and hold the Reset Switch for approximately 10 seconds. The reset process will start about 10 seconds after releasing the Reset Switch.

Blinka-blinka-blinka-blink go internet and ethernet,
Steady, rapid, synchonized, like strobe lights at the Disco-plex,
Yes, we know this model's bug, just drop the link speed and you're set
Dev. Man. > Net. Ad. > Advanced > Link Speed > 10 Mega bits Full Duplex.

Set-up Procedure:

web interface:
No u/n or p/w required!
For the details of how to set it up just click your mouse's button on this beautiful blue text.

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